The Devil’s Poetry

The Devil's Poetry - A Blackletter font by Michael W. Moss

Style: Blackletter Gothic

License: MyFonts License

Purchase Link: MyFonts


The Devil’s Poetry is my first commercial font. The initial idea behind it was a vintage-style typeface with tall vertical lines for the capital letters. The name comes from the phrase, “Sarcasm is the devil’s poetry.” The lowercase letters feature a pleasing hexagonal visual cadence while the capital letters stand tall and modestly ornate.

The Devil’s Poetry is available in three styles and features a Unicode Latin Extended-A character set.

After releasing the typeface, I wrote a poem to better articulate the mood and meaning behind the name:

Shield away the ears of the young

and clutch ye your rosary

upon the vulgar utterances of my tongue

for my sarcasm is the devil’s poetry.



The Devil’s Poetry font was used for the title and track listing on the AncolagE dark ambient album Daemones.