Future n0t Found

Style: Techno Square

License: CC BY 4.0


Future n0t Found was the first typeface design I released. I sketched typefaces and experimented with calligraphy for about 15 years, but hadn’t actually made a typeface design into a font until October of 2014.

The concept behind the Future n0t Found typeface originated from the HTML 404 error “file not found.” I’ve always liked the cadence of the term and the ubiquity of the error in the age of the internet. In the 90’s, I even had a website called File Not Found where I published my prose and poetry. The typeface began when I conceived of a graphic design project called Future n0t Found that played on the 404 error, specifically the fact that the number 4 starts with the letter F. Thus 404 became F0F, with the O in the word “not” becoming a zero.

The general concept for the Future n0t Found project was a futuristic, digital world that isn’t what we might currently predict from present circumstances. It would be an unexpected, absurd world filled with abstract concepts bordering on incoherence. As I worked on the project, I started creating the typeface as a blocky, angular typeface, almost like a futuristic version of an old Soviet propaganda poster typeface. As I designed the typeface, I liked it so much that I wanted to flesh it out into a full set of characters, and thus the Future n0t Found typeface was born.



Future n0t Found was most recently used in an Android mobile game called Genesis: Cyberpunk Shooter, by Rodasi Games. Previously, it was used in the game Abducted from Fat Duck Games.

Download Links: Dafont | 1001 Fonts | Fontspace