Android Insomnia

Style: Sci-Fi Sans Serif

License: CC BY 4.0


The Android Insomnia typeface originated with an earlier, round sans serif typeface that I called Round One. The forms of the Round One letters were readable, but not interesting. So I decided to experiment with removing parts of the character shapes and came up with a typeface that looked more like a science fiction title font. It is free for commercial use.

The name of the font comes from a line I wrote parodying the title of Philip K. Dick’s novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? My version was, “Do insomniac androids dream of electric sleep?”



Most prominently, Android Insomnia appeared in the “Extremis” episode of Doctor Who (Season/Series 10 Episode 6, May 2017) as the typeface for the Doctor’s sonic sunglasses.

Download Links: Dafont | 1001 Fonts | Fontspace